Happy Birthday, Gabriella pussycat!

Gabriella pussycat's cousin, Henrietta, is famous for her role on Mr. Roger's neighborhood

Gabriella pussycat's cousin, Henrietta

Dear Gaby,

I’m taking a litle break from all the funny business, just  to tell you how meow meow special I think YOU are, old friend. Congrats on making it into your thirties with a loving husband, a beautiful child, and a rewarding, important career. In my book, that makes you the rarest of beings. Now, get ready to get your party animal on tonight! 

With Love,



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2 responses to “Happy Birthday, Gabriella pussycat!

  1. GabyrrrROARRRRR

    Thank you thank you! The temperamental Felis Gabriellus survives only a short while when separated from her tribe, and is most in her element when surrounded by a close-knit social grouping of other cats. She is lucky in that these groupings continue to occur despite her occasional overuse of the extremely pointed claws and teeth she uses to hunt, which can cause serious injury.

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