Naked Mole Rats

This female gives every indication of gestation.

figure A. This captive female gives every indication of gestation.

Naked Mole Rats (Heterocephalus glaber), a.k.a the sand puppy, a.k.a. the desert mole rat, are more than meets the eye– even given that what meets the eye is just about everything. Among the many interesting facts about mole-rats is that while long belived to be blind, they are in fact merely myopic; having adapted to their mostly-lightless environment, they use the sudden incursion of brilliant light into their subterranean burrows as an early-warning sign for approaching predators. 

 Another unique characteristic of the naked mole rat is that it is effectively cold-blooded, making it an oddity amongst mammals. Still more oddly, the  Naked mole rat is one of only  two mammalian species to live eusocially, in complex social structures containing only one female (the queen) and between one and several males responsible for reproduction, while the rest of the colony functions as workers.*

However, the oddest attribute of the naked mole rat is, indisputably, it’s uncanny resemblance to naked old man penis (see figure B., below).

figure B.

figure B. A picture speaks a thousand words.

* see also the entry on Worker Bees (TAs)




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3 responses to “Naked Mole Rats

  1. lowly_adjunct

    did not need last attribute, accompanied by picture. MY EYES.

    • Sj

      what, you disapprove, oh lowly adjunct? your virgin eyes are sullied?? sorry, toots, I calls ’em as I sees ’em. (and I know you better than that)

  2. Sj

    UPDATE ON NAKED MOLE RATS: anti-aging secret? cure for cancer?

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