Sea turtles (superfamily Chelonioidea)

A near cousin to the well-known cartoon heroes, this is an adolescent albino kung-foo seaturtle

A near cousin to the well-known cartoon heroes, the adolescent albino kung-fu seaturtle is on a conservation mission


Unfortunately, all species of sea turtles are considered either endangered or threatened. Leatherback, hawksbill, and kemp’s ridley turtles are  critically endangered, and only the loggerhead is given the least severe designation of “threatened species.”  Sea turtles (and their eggs) are hunted for food and for trophies, and are sensitive to pollutions and to habitat encroachment by humans.

 What these turtles need is a hero, a silent avenger borne on gulf streams and warm currents around the globe, directed by the sea turtles’ lauded sensitivity to earth’s magnetic field. They need an adolescent albino kung-fu seaturtle. But the adolecent albino kung-fu seaturtle cannot do it alone. He needs our help. There are numerous opportunities to join and aid in conservation efforts: links to the websites of some prominent conservation groups are listed below.



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