Iguanas Keep Falling on my Head

Sing along, dear readers, you know the tune. And If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, you also know the sad sad story I’m about to recount to you.

You see, a freakish cold snap in Florida is literally freezing these hapless (but invasive) buggers where they perch in the trees, and as a result, there has been a sharp upswing in iguana preciptation, so to speak.  But never fear, those of you with warm hearts need waste no tears on the  iguanas: experts say that when they warm back up, they will spring back to life. Right as rain, as it were. (ahem).

But for now, locals are praying for sunshine and buying bigger umbrellas.

(And yes, for all two of you out there reading,  the author of BV is officially back on the animal beat, and like the iguanas, though somewhat the worse for wear after a cold spell, is alive and kickin’ under the freeze.)

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