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Nasty little animal, Cancer.

Dear readers, the author of BV has once again been asleep at the proverbial wheel, but she has a Very Good Reason. That is, a nasty little animal called Cancer has been plagueing her family (in the way that toads, locusts, and other particular nasty little animals did in old-testament families), and she has been entirely preoccupied with the psychic and culinary efforts to systematically wipe out–or at least significantly hamper the spread of– said species.  But, lest you (the two of you darling people out there who actually CARE) forget about her, fear not! she has returned, with a list of likely suspects for new entries and a new fervor for the entire project. It may take a while, but sit tight.

In other words, Dear Readers, stick with the author of BV, kid, she’ll teach ya things and show ya places.

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