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Watching a Hamster Sleep: surprisingly popular pastime

Meet A-Bao, a hamster whose oneiric escapades have won him thousands of hits on the popular video-sharing site Youtube.

In the author of BV’s humble opinion, the best part of this video is the following [actual] comment left in reply to this video:

“is he really sleeping? not going to die on a hearth attack ore something? “

Ore-related hearth attacks are shockingly rare these days, but this respondant has apparently not read the latest stats.


The next video is adorable, because the little guy is curled into a ball and keeps toppling over. In fact  there are a number of remarkable furry balls in this video:


Again, A-Bao’s fans are erudite to a fault. 

“what is the big pink”  asks one

his balls” replies another.

In the final installment of our series, A-Bao delights his audience by waking briefly, turning in a circle, and going back to sleep.


To which one intrepid viewer responds:

is this a hampster?”

Seemingly innocuous, even if cloyingly sweet, yes? Shockingly, this video generated the most vitriolic of disputes about whether the protruding pink parts are in fact “his balls” or “hamster arse” [sic]. This exchange eventually led [inexplicably] to this little pearl of wisdom from “awesomelysweetcindy,” who writes:

yeah, well [the videographer] probably wanted to put on some  where wide so he/she could take a better shot of that cute hamster.
and who would sit on a hamster when it’s fur doesn’t even have the same color as the sheets”

Who would sit on a hamster when it’s fur doesn’t even have the same color as the sheets. Wisdom for the ages, folkes. Wisdom for the ages.



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