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Purse Dogs

A prime specimen of purse dog.

A prime specimen of purse dog.

The purse dog is not a species unto itself; rather, it represents a human intervention in animal behavior. Purse dogs have rapidly adapted to their owners’ whims: many have developed hermit crab-like behaviors, and emerge from their shells only when they outgrow them, or to find a new portable home, or one with more “bling.”  Purse dogs are disproportionately popular amongst girls with names that end in “Y.”

Those unfamiliar with purse dogs can often be heard wondering whether the tiny dogs’  tiny legs atrophy from lack of use, and where the tiny dogs evacuate their tiny bladders. Indeed, the purse’s interior must be exceptionally piquant after long trips to the mall, where purse dogs can often be found.

Pursedogs are not entirely a laughing matter, however; these dogs are often raised in puppy mills, by breeders that prize tiny-ness over health. These dogs often have difficulties in gestation and delivery, and “oversize” dogs are cast aside, left to live in substandard conditions. Those interested in protesting the abhorrent practices of puppymill breeders can find links to specialized advocacy groups  and information on how others have staged protests, below.



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