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The Guinea Pig Way

Every so often, one discovers something so simultaneously cute and creepy that one is obliged to  share it with the world. (for teh author of BV, this is a somewhat more frequent occurance).

For once, dear readers, the source of cute and creepy is not a kitty video, but a guinea pig song and dance number (you may have noticed that I am becoming rather inordinately fond of the little buggers). Wonder if the chairman of the board ever did it “the guinea pig way”… No matter, albinoblacksheep has made it happen.

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Watching a Hamster Sleep: surprisingly popular pastime

Meet A-Bao, a hamster whose oneiric escapades have won him thousands of hits on the popular video-sharing site Youtube.

In the author of BV’s humble opinion, the best part of this video is the following [actual] comment left in reply to this video:

“is he really sleeping? not going to die on a hearth attack ore something? “

Ore-related hearth attacks are shockingly rare these days, but this respondant has apparently not read the latest stats.


The next video is adorable, because the little guy is curled into a ball and keeps toppling over. In fact  there are a number of remarkable furry balls in this video:


Again, A-Bao’s fans are erudite to a fault. 

“what is the big pink”  asks one

his balls” replies another.

In the final installment of our series, A-Bao delights his audience by waking briefly, turning in a circle, and going back to sleep.


To which one intrepid viewer responds:

is this a hampster?”

Seemingly innocuous, even if cloyingly sweet, yes? Shockingly, this video generated the most vitriolic of disputes about whether the protruding pink parts are in fact “his balls” or “hamster arse” [sic]. This exchange eventually led [inexplicably] to this little pearl of wisdom from “awesomelysweetcindy,” who writes:

yeah, well [the videographer] probably wanted to put on some  where wide so he/she could take a better shot of that cute hamster.
and who would sit on a hamster when it’s fur doesn’t even have the same color as the sheets”

Who would sit on a hamster when it’s fur doesn’t even have the same color as the sheets. Wisdom for the ages, folkes. Wisdom for the ages.



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Exploding frogs (as per request)

it's not easy, being green

it's not easy, being green


Well, dear readers, I have recieved my first command performance, and am more than happy to oblige. Here they are, the amazing, exploding frogs.

FUNNY, dark, and clearly not American-made…


VERSUS …  just plain sick. You can complain about the following video and it’s juvenile delinquent perpetrators by following the youtube link. Or you can hug your children more. Your choice.


Of course, there are actual exploding frogs out and about in the world–or, more precisely, toads. Wikipedia, everybody’s go-to source for questionable information, says the following :

“An exploding toad occurs when a crow, hunting for toad liver, attacks a toad which then puffs up as a natural defense. The phenomenon was first noticed in April 2005 in districts of Hamburg, Germany and near a lake at Låsby, Denmark, dubbed “The Pond of Death.” No other animals in the area were exploding.

What differentiates the exploding toads in these incidents from most other exploding animals is that they explode while alive. Exploding whales, for example, are a result of the buildup of gases during the process of decomposition.”


The  BBC’s article on this topic is less certain of the causation, but the two sources agree on one important point: the name of the site where this phenomenon has been observed, i.e., the pond of death.

Pond. Of. Death. 

 The author of B.V. regrets to inform you that there are simply so, so many ways to go with this, that her head has well nigh exploded… exploded like a frog. Like a frog at the pond of death.  

send help.

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